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Personal shopping

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You’ve had your Colour Consultation but you still need a little bit of guidance on getting started? You’ve got a big day planned and you would like to know what to wear?

Personal shopping is all about you. If you like shopping in certain shops, we can go there together, but if your favourite shopping is online, we can do that together too. If you prefer your items to be pre-loved, we can do that, either online or in person. I’m great at showing you how to find hidden gems.

A Personal Shopping trip will show you:

  • How to get the best out of a shopping trip

  • How to start your new look without switching out everything you already have

  • How to fill those tricky gaps in your wardrobe

  • The joy of shopping when you know what suits you.


INCLUDES: Advice on how to keep your wardrobe current without updating it continually

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